full spring 2019 schedule now up

after a great start to spring on the very first day of the term (April 1) with Don Rutherford (UCSD) on Montaigne, Spinoza, and others, we are now getting ready to kick off the rest of the term’s schedule next week (May 3) with Nick Riggle (USD) on Schiller, followed by Clinton Tolley (UCSD) on Vasconcelos, Clerk Shaw (Tennessee) on the Epicureans, Marko Malink (NYU) tbd, and Michael Hardimon (UCSD) on Hegel — dates/info here.

further update to spring schedule

one further update to the HOPR spring schedule — a schedule-swap: this Friday May 25 we will now be hosting our very own Lucy Allais (UCSD/Wits), and only next Friday (June 1) will we host Suzanne Obdrzalek (Claremont McKenna) for both a HOPR and a colloquium.

updates to spring hopr schedule

some additional HOPR events now scheduled for the remainder of the Spring term:

May 11 [11am-1230pm in dept seminar room] — Amy Wendling (Creighton) on Marxism, time, and labor — co-sponsored with the International Institute workshop on Capitalism and its Alternatives; Amy Wendling will also be giving a talk on Marx and human suffering on Thurs May 10 4-6pm
May 25 — Suzanne Obdrzalek (Claremont McKenna College)
June 1 — Lucy Allais (UCSD)
June 9 — Sean Greenberg (UC Irvine)