fall 2022: in person, great line-up

this quarter we are welcoming everyone back to campus, and kicking off our fall 2022 hopr line-up with an in-person meeting on friday october 7 with our very own jc gonzalez, who will present work in progress on kant’s theory of concepts and how it is supposed to fit with kant’s account of purposiveness — the rest of the fall schedule is more or less set, and it looks like we have some great hopr’s in store for winter and spring as well

full spring 2019 schedule now up

after a great start to spring on the very first day of the term (April 1) with Don Rutherford (UCSD) on Montaigne, Spinoza, and others, we are now getting ready to kick off the rest of the term’s schedule next week (May 3) with Nick Riggle (USD) on Schiller, followed by Clinton Tolley (UCSD) on Vasconcelos, Clerk Shaw (Tennessee) on the Epicureans, Marko Malink (NYU) tbd, and Michael Hardimon (UCSD) on Hegel — dates/info here.