current schedule


Spring 2024

*mon 04/01 — chris shields (ucsd) on suarez’s nominalism
fri 04/26 — panel on ‘new narratives’ with: patricia marechal (ucsd) & john proios (uchicago) — on history of philosophy of race and racism in ancient philosophy; sam rickless (ucsd) — on contributions from women to early modern philosophy; clinton tolley (ucsd) & michael hardimon (ucsd) — on women-philosophers and philosophy of race in modern german philosophy
fri may 10 – josefine klingspor (yale) – on spinoza
fri may 17 – ralph wedgwood (usc) – on the stoics
fri may 31 – ashley attwood (stanford/arkansas) – on aristotle’s de anima 1.2
fri june 7 – claudi brink (new hampshire) on kant

Winter 2024

Fri 01/26 – Dominic Bailey (CU Boulder), on the ‘opposition argument’ in Plato’s Phaedo
Fri 02/02 – Anna Marmodoro (Durham University), on Plato’s ‘Parmenidean Essentialism’
Fri 02/09 — Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame) on Kant’s notion of dignity
Fri 02/16 – Pavlos Kontos (University of Patras) — on Aristotle and the unity of virtue
Fri 03/08 – Alison Simmons (Harvard University) — on Descartes

Fall 2023

Fri 10/13 – John Proios (U. Chicago): “The Knowledge of Free People: Dialectic, Intelligibility, and Liberation in Plato’s Sophist”
Fri 10/27 – Marie Jayasekera (Cal State Long Beach): “Experience and Definitions in the Hobbes-Bramhall Debate”
Fri 11/03 – Juan Carlos Gonzalez (UCSD): “Did Kant Care About Aristotle? On §§72-73 of the Critique of the Power of Judgment.”
Fri 11/17 – Jacob Zellmer (UCSD): “Spinoza on the Natural Light.”
Fri 12/01 – Robert Pasnau (UC Boulder), TBD