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Fall 2021
October 8: Joe Stratmann (UCSD), “Miracles, Metaphysics, and Method: Syntheticity from Wolff to Kant”
October 15: Rachel Singpurwalla (Maryland), “Plato on the Private Ideology of the Family”
November 5: Max Edwards (UCSD), “Kant on the Relation between Pure and ‘Schematized’ Categories”
November 12: Daniel Cohen (UCSD), “The Early Heidegger’s Concept of Death”
November 19: Eric Watkins (UCSD),  “Kant’s Criticism of Metaphysics”

Winter 2022
January 14: Julia Grieg (UCSD), “The Fuzzy Boundaries of Death in Epicurean Thought”
[on pause for talks by history/allison chair search candidates]

Spring 2022
April 8: Lorenzo Spagnesi (Trier) on the regulative use of reason in Kant
April 22: Leo Moauro (UCSD) on desire and judgments of value in Spinoza
April 29: Stephen Howard (KU Leuven) on Kant’s late philosophy of nature
May 6: Sam Newlands (Notre Dame) on Regis and anti-Spinozism
May 19-20: UCSD Early Modern Graduate Workshop with Marie Jayasekera (CSU Long Beach) and Kristin Primus (UC Berkeley) [website]
May 27: tbd


Fall 2020 [via zoom]
fri oct 2 joe stratmann (ucsd) on kant
fri oct 23 janelle dewitt (ucla) on anselm and kant on freedom
fri oct 30 rosalind chaplin (ucsd) on kant
fri nov 13 julia jorati (umass) on early modern philosophy of race (rrhp)
fri dec 4 robin muller (csu northridge) on the unity of merleau-ponty’s phenomenology

Winter 2021 [via zoom]
fri jan 22 zack brants (ucsd) on plato and pleasure
fri feb 26 lydia patton (virginia tech) on helmholtz, hering, and perception

Spring 2021 [still via zoom]
fri apr 16 michael pittman (ucsd), hegel on the logic of the understanding
fri apr 23 justin vlasits (tuebingen/uic), plato on knowledge in the philebus
fri apr 30 joe stratmann (ucsd), the wolffian foundations of kant’s moral philosophy
fri may 14 rosalind chaplin (ucsd), kant on idealism and indeterminacy
fri may 21 leo moauro (ucsd) on spinoza and perfection [ucsd spinoza workshop tues-weds may 18-19]
fri may 28 jc gonzalez (ucsd) on kant’s concept of life
fri jun 4 lucy allais (ucsd) on free markets in kant


Fall 2019
Oct 4 Gerad Gentry (Lewis University) on Kant and German Idealism
Oct 18 Claudi Brink (UCSD) on Kant
Nov 8 RRHP discussion of Peter Park’s Africa, Asia, and the History of Philosophy
Nov 14 [*thurs!*] Steven Nadler (Wisconsin) on Malebranche, Arnauld, Fénelon
Nov 15 Robert Pasnau (Colorado) [tentative!] on tbd
Nov 22 Leo Moauro (UCSD) on Spinoza

Winter 2020
Jan 17 Joe Stratmann (UCSD) on German rationalism
Jan 31 Julia Muñoz (UNAM) on Kant’s theoretical philosophy
Feb 7 Eric Watkins (UCSD) on the unconditioned in Kant
Feb 21 [tbd]
Mar 7 Michael Hardimon (UCSD) on Hegel on race (rrhp)
Mar 14 Jessica Williams (South Florida) and Tim Jankowiak (Towson) on phenomenalism

Spring 2020 [via zoom]
apr 10 — don rutherford (ucsd) on descartes
apr 17 — bas tonissen (ucsd) on kant on self-love
may 1 — justin smith (paris 7) on anton wilhelm amo (rrhp)
may 8 — marie jayasekera (csu long beach) on descartes
may 22 — charlotte sabourin (ubc) on kant, wollstonecraft, hippel, and the status of women in the state


Fall 2018
Oct 5 — Dalia Nassar (Sydney) on Herder and the philosophy of nature
Oct 18 *Thurs* 4-530pm — Yasuo Deguchi and Ryosuke Igarashi (Kyoto) on themes from Kant
Nov 2 — Emily Hulme Kozey (Princeton) on technē in the Platonic dialogues
Nov 14 *Weds* 4-530pm — Julie Walsh (Wellesley) on Eve, Malebranche, and women
Nov 30 — Monte Johnson (UCSD) on Democritus

Winter 2019
Jan 19 — Patrick Frierson (Whitman) on Montessori and the history of philosophy of education
Feb 22 — Voula Tsouna (UC Santa Barbara) on the Epicureans and techne
Mar 8 — Sean Greenberg (UC Irvine) [*postponed*]
Mar 15 — Francey Russell (Yale) [*postponed*]

Spring 2019
Apr 1 — Don Rutherford (UC San Diego) on ethics and self-knowledge in Montaigne and others
May 3 — Nick Riggle (University of San Diego) on Schiller, freedom, and aesthetic value
May 10 — Clinton Tolley (UC San Diego) on Vasconcelos and Mexican philosophy of culture
May 17 — Clerk Shaw (Tennessee) on Epicurean philosophy
May 29 (weds) — Marko Malink (NYU) on history of philosophy of logic
June 7 — Michael Hardimon (UC San Diego) on Hegel and race [*postponed*]


Fall 2017
Oct 6 — Joe Stratmann (UCSD), ‘Kant’s Mathematical Antinomies and the Problem of Circular Conditioning’
Oct 20 — Brian Tracz (UCSD), ‘Kant on Images’
Oct 27 — Blythe Greene (UCSD), ‘Negation, Contradiction, and Kind-Crossing in Posterior Analytics 1.11’
Nov 3 — Michael LeBuffe (Otago), ‘Ideas in Spinoza’s Metaphysics’
Nov 17 — Hynek Bartos (Prague), ‘Aristotle Reads Hippocrates’
Dec 1 — Lisa Shabel (Ohio State), ‘Kant on the ‘ostensive construction’ of mathematical concepts’

Winter 2018
January 19 *9:30am* — Christopher Yeomans (Purdue), on Hegel on space and time
January 23 (Tues) *10am* — Eric Schliesser (Ghent), ‘Weird Metaphysical Modality and Newton’s and Clarke’s Polemics with Spinoza’
February 9 — Marcela Garcia (Morelia/UNAM), on Schelling’s reception of Aristotle
March 2 — Matias Slavov (UCLA), ‘The Intelligibility of Universal Gravitation – What is Hume’s Position?’
March 9 — Andrew Cooper (University College, London), ‘Kant on natural history’
March 16 — Katerina Ierodiakonou (Geneva/Athens), on Aristotle on color

Spring 2018
April 6 — Nate Rockwood (BYU) on Locke on faith and reason
April 20 — Rosalind Chaplin (UCSD) on Kant and the size of the world
May 11 *11am* — Amy Wendling (Creighton) (co-sponsored with International Institute) on Marxism, time, and labor
May 25 –Lucy Allais (UCSD) on Kant and the disunity of the self
June 1 — Suzanne Obdrzalek (Claremont McKenna College) on Aristotle


Fall 2016
Sept 30 Richard Bett (Johns Hopkins) Do the ancients see value in humanity?
Oct 7 Andrew Wong (UCSD) on the methodology of Pyrrhonian skepticism
Oct 21 Tim Jankowiak (Towson) Kant on the law of continuity
Nov 4 JP Messina (UCSD) Markets and Motives: On Motivational “Crowding Out” in Kant and Smith
Dec 2 Phil Horky (Durham) Category theory in the early Academy

Winter 2017
Feb 3 Blythe Greene (UCSD) on time in the Timaeus
Feb 10 Robert Gooding-Williams (Columbia) on the history of black nationalism
Feb 24 Matt Brown (UT Dallas) on Dewey’s philosophy of logic and science
Mar 6 Nick Stang (Toronto) on Kant’s schematism

Spring 2017
Apr 3 Clinton Tolley UCSD) on Edith Stein and the experience of intersubjectivity
Apr 7 Anthony Bruno (Toronto) on Fichte’s ‘genetic’ deduction of the categories
Apr 28 Peter Myrdal (Turku) on Leibniz on substance and force
May 19 Deborah Brown (Queensland) on Descartes and substantial union
June 2 Brian Tracz (UCSD) on modern German philosophy of perception


Fall 2015
Oct 2 Ben Sheredos (UCSD) Brentano’s Act Psychology was not Aristotelian (or, wasn’t empirical)
Oct 16 Peter Yong (UCSD) on Hegel and perception
Oct 30 Eric Watkins (UCSD) Kant on real grounds and conditions
Nov 6 Samuel Murray (Notre Dame) on Aquinas and certa malitia
Nov 13 Dorothea Frede (Hamburg) on Aristotle and reasonable emotions
Dec 4 David Forman (UNLV) on Leibniz, progress, and eternal recurrence

Winter 2016
Jan 8 Sebastian Bender (Rice) on Leibniz and the principle of sufficient reason
Feb 12 Rafeeq Hasan (Amherst) on freedom and poverty in the Kantian state
Feb 19 Don Rutherford (UCSD) On the wisdom of the moderns
Feb 26 Jim Kreines (Claremont McKenna) Against the ‘new’ Kant

Spring 2016
Apr 1 Michael White (Arizona State) on ancient philosophy
Apr 5 Lucy Allais (UCSD/Wits) on Kant and racism
Apr 8 Ana Laura Edelhoff (Humboldt/Berlin) on Aristotle’s categories
Apr 22 Joseph Stratmann (UCSD) on Kant and the transcendental ideal
June 10 Daniel Sutherland (Illinois-Chicago) on Kant’s applied mathematics


Fall 2014
Oct 24 David Brink (UCSD) Completeness and Realism about Eudaimonia: Lessons from the Big Rock Candy Mountains
Nov 14 Erik Olson (UCSD) on Spinoza on modality
Nov 21 Marcy Lascano (Cal State Long Beach) on Margaret Cavendish’s metaphysics
Dec 12 Peter Yong (UCSD) on Hegel
Winter 2015
Feb 13 Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame) On Kant’s ‘tragic problem’
Feb 20 Peter Yong (UCSD) on modern European philosophy
Feb 27 Stephen Zylstra (Toronto) On Spinoza on Necessity, Perfection, and Divine Immutability
Mar 13 Derk Pereboom (Cornell) On transcendental arguments in Kant (and after)

Spring 2015
Mar 30 [Monday!] Jennifer Uleman (SUNY Purchase) “How would you regard a friend?” On Suicide, Friendship, and Self-Regard in Kant
Apr 10 Marleen Rozemond (Toronto) Conceptions of Substance in Descartes and Leibniz�s Rejection of Materialism
Apr 24 Lucy Allais (UCSD) Transcendental Idealism in the Transcendental Aesthetic
May 15 Michael Oberst (Berlin) Kant, Causal Skepticism, and the Refutation of Idealism
May 22 Paula Gottlieb (Wisconsin) Aristotle, the Principle of Non-Contradiction, and Posterior Analytics A 11


Fall 2013
Oct 11 Karolina Huebner (Toronto) on Spinoza, the affects, and identity
Oct 18 Pierre Destrée (Louvain) on poetics and politics in Aristotle’s /Poetics/
Oct 25 Eric Watkins (UCSD) on Kant and the unconditioned
Nov 8 Kristen Inglis (Pittsburgh) on Aristotle and rational desire
Nov 22 Dan Schwartz (UCSD) on utopia and progress in Bacon’s /The New Atlantis/
Dec 6 Kristen Irwin (Biola) on Locke, Bayle, and religious (in)tolerance

Winter 2014
Feb 7 Monte Johnson (UCSD) “Aristotle’s Architectonic Sciences”
Feb 21 Clinton Tolley (UCSD) “Intuition, Perception, and Experience in Kant”
Feb 28 Daniel Guevara (UC Santa Cruz) “Kant’s conception of philosophy”
Mar 7 Eric Watkins (UCSD) and Marcus Willaschek (Frankfurt) “Kant’s Account of Cognition”

Spring 2014
Apr 11 Gila Sher (UCSD) on Kant and truth
May 12 Peter Anstey (Sydney) on early modern philosophy
May 16 Tyke Nunez (Pittsburgh) on Kant and apperception
May 23 Jozef Mueller (UC Riverside) on Aristotle, agency, and responsiblity
May 30 Florian Marwede (Frankfurt) on Kant, happiness, and the highest good
June 6 Zed Adams (New School) on history of philosophy of color


FALL 2012
Oct 5 Peter Yong (UCSD) on Hegel and phenomenal givenness
Oct 19 Peter Thielke (Pomona) “Intelligible possession and things in themselves”
Nov 9 Terry Irwin (Oxford) on Aristotelian ethics

Jan 18 Daniel Schwartz (UCSD) on Bacon’s natural histories
Feb 1 Clinton Tolley (UCSD) on Kant’s use of ‘Erkenntnis’ in its historical context
Mar 1 Alex Klein (Cal State Long Beach) on William James and the relation between psychology, science, and religious belief
Mar 8 Daniel Althof (UCSD/Jena) on Hegel’s account of the Notion
Mar 15 Sam Rickless (UCSD) on Berkeley’s argument for God’s existence in the Principles

Apr 5 Kyle Sereda (UCSD) “Leibniz on the ontology of numbers”
Weds Apr 17, 11-12:30 Carl Posy (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) “Systematicity and Semantics: Kant on the unity of the proposition” [joint meeting with the Southern California working group in History and Philosophy of Logic and Math (HPLM)]
Apr 19 Peter Yong (UCSD) on Hegel and ‘sense-certainty’
May 3 Nate Rockwood (UCSD) on Locke on scientific knowledge
May 17 Ben Sheredos (UCSD) “Mental acts in Brentano and Husserl: from act-psychology to phenomenology”
May 24 Don Rutherford (UCSD) “Perfectionism in Spinoza and Nietzsche”


FALL 2011
Sept 30 Sam Rickless (UCSD) Locke on identity
Oct 7 Tim Jankowiak (UCSD) Relational and non-relational intentionality in intentionalist interpretations of Kant
Oct 14 Daniel Schwartz (UCSD) Baconian natural history and scientific progress
Oct 28 Peter Yong (UCSD) on Hegel
Nov 5 Malebranche Day with Tom Lennon, Sean Greenberg, Patricia Easton, Julie Walsh and Don Rutherford
Nov 18 Eric Schliesser (Ghent) The Newtonians against Spinoza on motion
Dec 2 Richard Kraut (Northwestern) Aristotle on friendship

Feb 3 Martin Lin (Rutgers) on the modal status of absolute space and time in Leibniz
Feb 17 Hemmo Laiho (Turku, Finland/UCLA) on Kant and perceptual particulars
Feb 24 Henry Mendell (CSU-LA) on Aristotle’s definitions of the soul
Mar 2 Marcus Willaschek (Frankfurt) on Kant and the highest good
Mar 10 Bonnie Kent (UC Irvine) on Aristotle and Aquinas and virtue

Apr 13 Don Rutherford (UCSD) on Leibniz and the ideality of space
Apr 27 Nate Rockwood (UCSD) on Locke
May 11 Samantha Matherne (UC Riverside) on Kant and aesthetic ideas
May 18 Michael Hardimon (UCSD) on Heidegger
May 25 Julie Walsh (UCSD/Quebec-Montreal) on Locke


FALL 2010
Oct 1 James Messina (UCSD), on Kant and the ground of the unity of space
Oct 15 Lewis Powell (USC), on Hume’s maxim of conceivability and his treatment of modality
Oct 29 Nate Rockwood (UCSD), on Hume’s account of identity
Nov 12 Daniel Schwartz (UCSD), on Bacon’s account of sense-perception
Nov 19 Henry Allison (UC Davis), on the formulations of the Categorical Imperative in Kant’s /Groundwork/

Feb 4 Clinton Tolley (UCSD), on Kant’s doctrine of concepts
Feb 11 Monte Johnson (UCSD), on Democritus, on what’s up to us
Feb 25 Sean Greenberg (UC Irvine), on Malebranche, consent, and human freedom

Apr 8 Julie Walsh (UCSD/Western Ontario), on Molyneux’s problem and Locke’s view of freedom
Apr 12 Ina Goy (Tuebingen), on Kant, biology, and the argument from design
May 6 Tim Jankowiak (UCSD), on Kant on empirical intuitions
May 13 Don Rutherford (UCSD), on Leibniz on the ideality of space
May 27 Peter Yong (UCSD), on Kant’s analysis of the ontological argument


FALL 2009
Oct 2 James Messina (UCSD), “Kant’s hidden ontology of space”
Oct 16 Michael Friedman (Stanford), “Kant on geometry and spatial intuition”
Nov 6 Daniel Schwartz (UCSD), “Baconian Foundationalism and the Problem of Certainty”
Nov 13 Marcy Lascano (CSU Long Beach), “Kant on Leibnizian Emanation, Creation, and God’s Freedom”
Nov 20 Timothy Rosenkoetter (Johns Hopkins), “Groundwork III: A Space for Kantian Non-Cognitivism?”

Jan 15 Jeremy Heis (UC Irvine), “Ernst Cassirer’s Neo-Kantian philosophy of geometry”
Jan 29 Eric Watkins and Kimberly Brewer (UCSD), “A Difficulty Still Awaits: Kant, Spinoza, and the Threat of Theological Determinism”
Feb 5 Monte Johnson (UCSD), “A syllogistic, mathematical, and mechanistic model of Aristotelian explanation and answer to Socratesʼ criticism of natural science in Platoʼs Phaedo”
Mar 5 Matthew Shockey (Indiana, South Bend), “Heidegger’s anxiety and Descartes’ uncertainty”

Apr 9 Don Rutherford (UCSD), “Hobbes on Virtue and the Laws of Nature”
Apr 23 Tim Jankowiak (UCSD), “Kant on Sensation and the Matter of Appearances”
May 14 Sam Rickless (UCSD), on 17th century accounts of qualities
June 4 Clinton Tolley (UCSD), “Kant’s Transcendental Logic as a General Logic”


Lara Ostaric (St. Michael’s), on aesthetic judgment in German Idealism
Peter Myrdal (Uppsala/UCLA), on Leibniz on happiness
Daniel Schwartz, “Leaping to Conclusions Inductively: The Case of Francis Bacon”
Tim Jankowiak, on Kant, sensation, reality, and phenomenalism
Nate Rockwood, on Locke and personal identity
Josef Cressotti (UC Riverside), on Kant, pleasure, and judgments of taste

Karolina Huebner (Chicago/UCSD), on Spinoza and the reality of finite things
Clinton Tolley, on Kant, logic, and truth
Aaron Garrett (Boston Univ), on Bishop Butler and ‘bullshit’
Erin Frykholm, on Hume on character

FALL 2008
Sam Rickless, “Berkeley on the perception of physical objects
Kristen Irwin, “The Autonomy of Reason: Bayle’s Skeptico-Rationalist Conception of Reason”
Matt Brown, “Evidence in John Dewey’s Theory of Inquiry”


Daniel Schwartz, “On Communicating to Cavemen: Plato and the Problems of Didactic Persuasion”
Tim Jankowiak, “The Subjects of Singular Judgments in Kant’s Logic and Theory of Experience”
Karolina Huebner (Chicago), “Spinoza, Hobbes, and rhetoric”
Elliot Paul (Yale), “Cartesian notions of certainty and doubt”
Don Rutherford, “The History of Philosophy as Philosophy”

Matt Brown, “John Dewey’s theory of inquiry”
Helmut Heit (Hannover), “Truth and Effect: Background, Content and Current Topicality of Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Science”
Rolf-Peter Horstmann (Humboldt/Berkeley), “The Unity of Reason and the Diversity of Life: The Idea of a System in Kant and in Nineteenth Century Philosophy”
Juhana Lemetti (Helsinki), “Late Hobbes and maker’s knowledge”

FALL 2007
James Messina, “Spatial Relations, Different Places, and the Possibility of Coordination: The First Metaphysical Exposition Revisited”
Erin Frykholm, “Feeling and Sentiment in Hume’s Moral Theory”
Clinton Tolley, “Logical Forms as Objects of Intuition in Husserl’s Sixth Logische Untersuchung”
David Owen (Arizona), “Belief, Causal Reasoning, and the Passions”
Kristen Irwin, “Corrosive Reason and Epistemic Immunity: Pierre Bayle on Reason and the Mysteries”


James Messina, “Unity Amidst Diversity: The Place of Space in Kant’s Account of Self-Awareness and Objective Experience”
Susan Castro (UCLA), “Kant’s Aristotelian Path from Experience to Moral Metaphysics in the First Critique and the Groundwork”
Tim Jankowiak, “Berkeley’s ‘Master Argument’: Its Shape and Where It Doesn’t Fail”
Dan Garber (Princeton), “Activity and Causality”
Wayne Martin (Essex), “Hegel’s Failed Confessional Enterprise”

Doug Hutchinson (Toronto) and Monte Johnson, “Reconstructing Aristotle’s Lost Protrepticus”
Lisa Shapiro (SFU), “Rethinking Descartes’s Institution of Nature: The Passions of the Soul and Body-Mind Causation”
Mary Domski (New Mexico), “Naturalism, Nominalism, and the Mathematical Treatment of Nature: Reconsidering Locke’s Relationship to Newton”
David Brink, “Mill’s Ambivalence about Duty”

FALL 2006
Matt Kisner (South Carolina), “Virtuous Passions: Spinoza on the Power of Passivity”
Henry Allison (UC Davis), “Hume’s Philosophical Insouciance: A Reading of Treatise 1.4.7”
James Messina, “Catching Kant’s ‘I’: Knowing Oneself as an Object in the First Critique”
Monte Johnson, “Aristotle on the Value of the Sciences”
Eric Watkins, “Kant on the Hiddenness of God”


Susan Castro (UCLA), “The Transcendental Analytic of Groundwork II”
Wayne Martin (Essex), “Conscience and Consciousness: Rousseau’s Critique of the Stoic Theory of Oikeosis”
Stefano Di Bella (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa), “Subjects, Things and Properties: On Leibniz’s Ontological Approach”
Matt Brown, “To See Like a Child: John Dewey, the Tao, and Nonconceptual Experience”
Holly Andersen (Pittsburgh) and Rick Grush, “The History of the Specious Present Doctrine: From Reid to Hodgson and ‘E.R. Clay'”
R. Lanier Anderson (Stanford), “Is Modus Ponens Analytic sensu Kant?”

Helmut Heit (Hanover/UCSD) , “Origins of Scientific Thought in Ancient Ionia?”
John Whipple (UC Irvine), “Hobbes on Miracles in Leviathan”
Dale Dorsey, “Humean Constructivism and the Relativity Problem(s)”
Adam Streed, “Mill’s Radical Feminism”
Babette Babich (Fordham), “The Genealogy of Morals and Right Reading: On the Nietzschean Aphorism and the Art of the Polemic”

FALL 2005
Don Rutherford, “Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Experience”
Jens Timmermann (St Andrews), “Acting from Duty”
Michael Tiboris, “Stoic Children: The Moral Psychology of the Cradle”
James Messina, “Making Raum for Nonconceptual Content: The Place of Intuitions in Kant’s Epistemology”


Eric Watkins, “Kant on Transcendental Laws”
Kristen Irwin, “Bayle seulement philosophe? Challenging Gianluca Mori’s Reading of Bayle”
Holly Andersen (Pittsburgh, HPS) and Rick Grush, “History of the ‘Specious Present’ I: From Reid to Hodgson and Clay”
Don Rutherford, “Leibniz as Idealist”

Eric Watkins, “Making Sense of Mutual Interaction: Simultaneity and the Equality of Action and Reaction”
Kory Schaff, “Hegel’s Solution to Poverty?”
Charlie Kurth, “Dissolving Wilson’s Puzzle About Spinoza’s Theory of Falsity”
Matt Brown, “A Deweyan Inquiry into Rorty’s Attack on Inquiry into Inquiry”
Robert Merrihew Adams (Oxford), “The Priority of the Perfect in the Philosophical Theology of the Continental Rationalists”
Susan Castro (UCLA), “The Method of Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals: Groundwork I”

FALL 2004
Rick Grush, “Berkeley and the Spatiality of Vision”
Sam Rickless, “Is Locke’s Theory of Knowledge Inconsistent?”
Luke Robinson, “Ross, Conflicts of Obligation, and the Concept of a Prima Facie Obligation”
Lex Newman (Utah), “Descartes on the Will”
Ryan Hickerson, “Where Do (Kantian) Concepts Come From?”
Michael Gill (Arizona), “Rationalism, Sentimentalism, and Ralph Cudworth”


Joseph Schear (Chicago), “Heidegger on Ontological Difference”
Kory Schaff, “Perpetual Peace or Endless Politics? Kant, Hegel, and the Politics of Globalization”
Eric Watkins, “On the Necessity and Nature of Simples: Leibniz, Wolff, Baumgarten, and the Early Kant”
Melissa Johnson, “Is Kant’s General Logic Extensional or Intensional?”
Greg Shirley, “Heidegger and the Old and New Logic”

Matthew Kisner, “Descartes’s Psychologism”
Matt Egan, “The Issue of Unity in Hegel’s Critique of Kant’s Theoretical Philosophy”
Carl Sachs, “Is Truth a Useful Fiction? Nietzsche Between Idealism and Empiricism”
Wayne Martin, “Fichte’s Transcendental Phenomenology of Agency”

FALL 2003
Kristen Irwin, “Heidegger’s Transcendental Phenomenology”
Kory Schaff, “Hegel on Work, Freedom, and Community”
Ryan Hickerson, “What Was Brentano’s Problem?”
John Vella, “Euripides and the Limits of Reason”
Falk Wunderlich (Berlin), “Kant’s Theory of Consciousness in Context”


Matthew Kisner, “Descartes’ Psychologism”
P.D. Magnus, “Reid’s Dilemma and the Uses of Pragmatism”
Don Rutherford, “Hobbes’s New Science of Ethics”
Ryan Hickerson, “Logical Normativity and Husserlian Fulfillment”

Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame), Discussion of Kant and the Fate of Autonomy
Don Rutherford, “A Leibnizian Theory of Spontaneity”
Kristen Irwin, “‘True’ Kantian Pluralism”
Wayne Martin, “An Exercise in Kantian Logic”
Andrew Youpa (UC Irvine), “Spinoza’s Ethical Objectivism”

FALL 2002
Rick Grush, “What Berkeley Should Have Said”
Matthew Kisner, “Skepticism and Idealism in the Early Descartes”
Wayne Martin, “The Judgment Stroke and the Truth-Predicate: Frege and the Phenomenology of Judgment”
Eric Watkins, “Kant’s Model of Causality”


Matthew Kisner,”Lions, Polecats and Foxes: Would Hobbesian Subjects Agree to Covenant?”
Ryan Hickerson,”Phenomenology without Phenomena: The Riddle of Intentional Objects in Husserl’s Logical Investigations”
Carl Sachs, “Subspecie Spinozae: The Spinoza-Nietzsche Connection”
Kory Schaff,”Socializing the Mind? McDowell’s Hegelianism Revisited”
P. D. Magnus, “Underdetermination and Aspirations of Certainty”