current schedule

2019-2020 Schedule [in progress!]

Fall 2019

Oct 4  Gerad Gentry (Lewis University) on Kant and German Idealism

Oct 18 Claudi Brink (UCSD) on Kant

Nov 8 Marie Jayasekera (Cal State Long Beach) on Astell

Nov 14 [*thurs!*] Steven Nadler (Wisconsin) on Malebranche, Arnauld, Fénelon

Nov 15 Robert Pasnau (Colorado) [tentative!] on tbd

Nov 22 Leo Moauro (UCSD) on Spinoza

Winter 2020

Michael Hardimon (UCSD) on Hegel on race

Jessica Williams (South Florida) and Tim Jankowiak (Towson) on Kant

Spring 2020