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2018-2019 Schedule

[in progress!]

Spring 2019

Apr 1 — Don Rutherford (UC San Diego) on ethics and self-knowledge in Montaigne and others
May 3 — Nick Riggle (University of San Diego) on Schiller, freedom, and aesthetic value
May 10 — Clinton Tolley (UC San Diego) on Vasconcelos and Mexican philosophy of culture
May 17 — Clerk Shaw (Tennessee) on Epicurean philosophy
May 29 (weds) — Marko Malink (NYU) tbd
June 7 — Michael Hardimon (UC San Diego) on Hegel and race

Winter 2019

Jan 19 — Patrick Frierson (Whitman) on Montessori and the history of philosophy of education
Feb 22 — Voula Tsouna (UC Santa Barbara) on the Epicureans and techne
Mar 8 — Sean Greenberg (UC Irvine) [*postponed*]
Mar 15 — Francey Russell (Yale) [*postponed*]

Fall 2018

Oct 5 — Dalia Nassar (Sydney) on Herder and the philosophy of nature
Oct 18 *Thurs* 4-530pm — Yasuo Deguchi and Ryosuke Igarashi (Kyoto) on themes from Kant
Nov 2 — Emily Hulme Kozey (Princeton) on technē in the Platonic dialogues
Nov 14 *Weds* 4-530pm — Julie Walsh (Wellesley) on Eve, Malebranche, and women
Nov 30 — Monte Johnson (UCSD) on Democritus