current schedule

2019-2020 Schedule [in progress!]

Fall 2019

Oct 4  Gerad Gentry (Lewis University) on Kant and German Idealism

Oct 18 Claudi Brink (UCSD) on Kant

Nov 8 RRHP discussion of Peter Park’s Africa, Asia, and the History of Philosophy

Nov 14 [*thurs!*] Steven Nadler (Wisconsin) on Malebranche, Arnauld, Fénelon

Nov 15 Robert Pasnau (Colorado) [tentative!] on tbd

Nov 22 Leo Moauro (UCSD) on Spinoza

Winter 2020

Michael Hardimon (UCSD) on Hegel on race

Marie Jayasekera (Cal State Long Beach) on Astell

Jessica Williams (South Florida) and Tim Jankowiak (Towson) on Kant

Spring 2020