texts in the history of mexican philosophy

bibliography with links to online editions of texts (when available) from pre-1600; 1600-1700; 1700-1800; 1800-1900; 1900-1960; post-1960

women in mexican philosophy

in-progress list of women in the history of mexican philosophy (help add/edit!)

contemporary research in mexican philosophy

listings of researchers working in mexican philosophy

database of links to philosophers, philosophy departments, institutes, in mexico

online presentations of mexican philosophy and its history

‘Philosophy in Mexico’ by Guillermo Hurtado, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy [sep]

‘Philosophy in Mexico’ by Horacio Cerutti-Guldberg, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy [rep; sign-in]

‘Aztec Philosophy’ by James Maffie, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy [iep]

‘Latin American Philosophy’ by Alexander Stehn, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy [iep]

see also:

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the Enciclopedia electrónica de la filosofía mexicana [EEFM] maintained by Cefilibe

the Enciclopedia de la literatura en México [ELEM] maintained by La Fundación para las Letras Mexicanas [FLM]